One, two, three...
Rada Boukova
04 May 2012 - 25 June 2012
SARIEV Contemporary
Bulgaria, Plovdiv

Press release

The game begins with splitting a chicken or a turkey wishbone (or “furcula”). Each of the players holds one side of the bone and pulls it. The person who gets the smaller part has to find a pretext to “give” an object which the other player will take.

The “receiver” has to say “I know it!” to show that he remembers the game. If he doesn’t, the “giver” says “one, two, three … Wishbone!” and wins the game. The phrase “One, two, three…” has to be pronounced slowly to give the opponent the chance to react with “I know it”, but usually he doesn’t make it. Experienced players can play this game for months. The participants try to use all kinds of tricks to distract the attention of their opponents and make them forget about the game, sometimes players don’t even say “wishbone” so that the tension and the joy can continue. There are times when the loser in the game has to fulfill a wish of the winner. Usually the elderly let the children win.