21.10. – 14.11.2010

Curator Daniela Radeva

Vaska Emanouilova Gallery,
branch of Sofia City Art Gallery
15, Yanko Sakazov, Blvd., Sofia

Stone is a unit of stability, the most direct association when thinking of firmness, weight in its very literal sense. The first image of gravity that comes to mind. The most probable opposition of abstraction,
undisputable matter of matter, which could by far be just as smashing. In human surroundings: tri-dimensional, time resisting sign. Volume of memory – here a man has existed, here something has happened. A volume of a concept – a sculpture. Amidst natural environment: pure form, out of absolute freedom of the accidental. Sculpted by the accidental, “petrified” non-intentionality.

In the natural landscape, never virgin, always inevitably “framed” by our aesthetic expectations, a stone casually exists as an art object. In man-made landscape – the town, in that secondary inserted piece of
nature, which a park comes to be, a sculpture often turns into just an environmental component, almost a natural element.

The temptations of non-standard usage, the interchangeability of functions, the paradoxical duality of the stone object within the urban/natural environment that brought it into existence – these are
the starting points in this project. Studying the polyvalence of „the most resistant” of materials – stone, the only possible form of processing of which is to take away from it, I use as a strategy rather the opposite method – accumulation. I work as a viewer of natural and artificial (that of art) environment, gathering photos and video documents of park sculptures, cult objects and monuments and creating an almost avalanche-like accumulating collection of forms, a labyrinthine branching archive of functions and similarities.
The Sculpture Program of Vaska Emanuilova Gallery arranged In close proximity to Zaimov park,
populated with sculptures, is the natural frame of this exhibition.

Rada Boukova, september 2010

about 1742 – 1788